New Name, new Logo


Hey guys,
it’s been a while! Now what have we been up to?
As you might have seen, we re-named the game. CLARK is now CLARC. No big deal, but we felt it was necessary to make sure there are no legal issues to trouble us later on. We had a talk with a lawyer speciallizing in this field and he urged us to change the name to something that’s not already copyrighted a dozen times in all different areas. And even though we didn’t find any video game being called “CLARK” anywhere there is an app already, so we simply ditched the old boring “K” and replaced it with a shiny new “C”. Only pain was that we now had change the logo too.

Tell us what you think of the new design!


Apart from the naming issue we’ve had quite some trouble with the migration of the project to Unity 4. For a week or so we had some of our levels completely destroyed, unable to produce a single stable build for any platform. But, after a long search and many frustrating “I-think-I-found-it!-Argh-no-I-didn’t…” moments we finally figured out the problem. So if after switching to Unity 4 half of the assets in your scene are missing in your builds but everything looks fine when played in the Unity editor, drop us a line, maybe we can help out …

Now these two issues have eaten up quite some time that we originally planned to invest in thoroughly testing CLARC on Android, making a PC-Demo and figuring out how exactly the app store works, so forgive us the delay. Testing and demo are again the top priority on our list, so stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got news.

Take care, mates and sorry that we haven’t been too responsive lately.

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