Music is in the air.. !

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Hey there! I’m Jonathan from M√ľnster and have the honour to follow in the steps of Phillip, the former audio guy of CLARK, and take care of CLARK’s music department and it’s audiovisual world! I’ve just finished school and am happy to spend my newly acquired free time to work on a soundtrack, as music has always been a big passion in my life. I learned keyboard and piano and played bass in several bands and have been composing music for a couple of small indiegames over the last year.Jonathan_Crop2
I really like Phillip’s idea of the ‘singing factory’ and try to tie on to it. I’ve since spend my days hitting a wide range of inanimate objects with sticks, pens and spoons to find the right sound for CLARK. Because I try to capture the droning and rattling factory that CLARK takes place in, a lot of my work on the music is sound design-related.

To create the sounds I’m looking for I’m recording all kinds of things that rattle, chink or clatter and modify them with several plugins, for example by only boosting specific frequencies in the sound and deleting all the rest, to make them sound digital and mechanic , while still maintaining the organic feel of the actual recordings.

To keep the sound of CLARK moving and changing I approach the soundtrack in layers. I build one ambient layer that is omnipresent in the level and then add several different stems that can fade in and out at different times and in different locations. By doing this I hope to reinforce the different scenes you get to see in CLARK and also make the soundtrack more intriguing and interesting, because you can interactively control what you hear and the sounds changes with where you move.

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