CLARK Release Tomorrow

It has been a while since we updated the blog. Because we were so busy finishing the game. And now it’s done.

Tomorrow, September 10th, CLARK will see the light of day in the OUYA store. After two years of fulltime work on this project, we will finally present it to the world. And honestly, this is more than thrilling. Again, thanks to everyone who has supported us with criticism and ideas along the way!


We continue to look forward to your feedback once you’ve downloaded the game and started playing around.

Lots of Love,


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  • Brian says:

    i cant wait! awesome work guys, keep it up!
    looking forward to get it tomorrow on my Ouya!!

  • Max Schmitt says:

    Congratulations on releasing! I’ve been following development for a few months and I think this game looks really good! Unfortunately, I don’t have an OUYA. Will there be a release for PC or Mac?

    I wish you best of luck for your launch and hope you get tons of sales!

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