CLARC Original Soundtrack almost done

Hey guys, the last weeks, Jonathan took the time to go through his many CLARC music tracks, find the ones he liked best and gave them some nice soundtracky polish. Now he’s almost done and we’re eager to listen to the result. Take an ear at the track called “The Aftermath”

Happy New Year, Happy New Website!

A Happy New Year we wish you! ’tis true, good Sirs: we are guilty of delaying what should not have been delayed. But you have to believe us: it was only our best intentions (and bad planning) that made us not release CLARC for Android and iOS and PC and Mac in 2013! And now, that a whole fresh new
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CLARK nominated to crash E3

We got an email from a nice guy working for E3 the other day who asked us if we wanted to participate in a voting for indie games to crash the E3. And well … we want. So if you like us, our game, indie games in general or you simply love to vote for things online: here’s the link,
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Trash Cannon

Now, after having sent out the first playable build of CLARK to the world of journalists and game bloggers, we are still not relaxing nor enjoying sun. Firstly there’s just no sunshine to enjoy, secondly there are still two chapters waiting for us to be finished. We are discussing new puzzles and concepts for the leveldesign of the second chapter
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