Free-2-try taken seriously! 2+ hours of demo!

We were told it would be a bad move, but we think it’s just fair game: for all of you who downloaded the game to your OUYA and weren’t fully convinced by the demo, give it another shot and really test out CLARK: for the following 7 days you can play levels 1 through 6. That is more than 2
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CLARK on Greenlight!

CLARK for PC? Or Mac? Or Linux? Well, certainly, my good Sirs! Just press the magic button: Lots of Love, GT


Since we don’t like the notion of punishing people who support us early by buying CLARK without hesitation, we will start out with a SPECIAL RELEASE OFFER, instead of dropping the price the next chance we get. We have no clue if it will work from a financial point of view, but it just feels better this way. Here’s the
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CLARK Release Tomorrow

It has been a while since we updated the blog. Because we were so busy finishing the game. And now it’s done. Tomorrow, September 10th, CLARK will see the light of day in the OUYA store. After two years of fulltime work on this project, we will finally present it to the world. And honestly, this is more than thrilling.
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Update: New Game Elements, finished second Chapter.

We’ve completed building and lighting all seven levels of the second chapter (plus two levels that had been postponed). Clark will go through a night and day cycle in this outdoor theme; starting in the morning, proceeding through the day and night before leaving the wasteland at dawn. Here’s some new shots of the recently finished levels … Hernan put
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