GoldenTricycle has left the basement!

Last week, we moved all our computer stuff and Stanley Kubrick posters upstairs into the newly refurbished open office space of Hahn Film. We are now confronted with new forces of nature: harsh winds blowing throught uncosily large rooms, terrifying sunlight blinding our eyes and vicious birds outside scaringly oversized windows singing of what might as well be songs of
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What are we doing?

You haven’t gotten an update from us in quite some time. That’s because we were so busy doing things that are worth updating you on! Right now, Marco and Hernan are finishing the assembly and lighting of levels 13 and 17, the last two of the second chapter, before jumping right into the Mothership of the third theme. Maria is
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In a piece about gaming, new consoles and especially the OUYA, CLARK was shown on German national television!! (Blurry, short and unmentioned, but hey!)

Clark at OUYA Park!

The first images from OUYA Park next to the E3 just got in. Our friend Linus was in Los Angeles and managed to sneak in a couple of hours at OUYA’s parking lot occupation party, short: OUYA park. There he presented CLARK, talked to gamers (see image ->) aswell as the guys and gals working on the kickstarted android console that
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Welcome to Trash Town (Chapter 2)

At the moment, we’re working feverishly on the final levels of the second chapter. Soon, we’ll upload some video footage, but for now, have a look at the screenshots and tell us what you think! At the end of Chapter 1, Clark tries to rescue his beloved missile Clara, but fails to save her from a last-minute kidnapping. He ends
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