CLARC can be very tricky at times. So sooner or later you’ll get to a puzzle that’s really teasing your brain a lot. Maybe teasing a little too much for your taste. And even though we encourage you to earn the gratifying feeling of solving “this impossible puzzle!” by yourself, here’s a helping hand in case you really get stuck:


How they work. And how to defeat them.
How to escape the first tankbot.

Complete Play Through Series

Our friend Aaron Pitt recorded a complete walkthrough of CLARC. Here are the chapters:

Part I: Bonus level to Level 5
Part II: Level 6 to Level 10
Part III: Level 11 to Level 15
Part IV: Level 16 to Level 20
Part V: Level 21 to Level 25

Level Unlock

If you’ve lost your progress due to some problem during the update, you can unlock any levels like this:

When you are in the level selection screen, tap anywhere on the screen and hold for at least 10 seconds (on PC/Mac: press the TAB-key, on console: press the left shoulder button). Then, tap/click/select one of the locked levels to unlock it (and all preceding levels).

Youtube Legal Info

We encourage you to capture let’s plays and review videos of CLARC and put them up on youtube and other video streaming sites. While the videos featuring such CLARC content may also be monetised through YouTube network and partner programs or similar programs by other video hosting sites, you can’t charge users to view or access your videos. You also can’t sell or license these videos to others for a payment of any kind.