Berlin, Germany

Founding date:
October, 2011



Press/ Business Contact:


Hahn Film
Schwedter Str. 36A
10435 Berlin

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GoldenTricycle is a Berlin-based independent game studio.


GoldenTricycle was founded by Matthias Titze and Felix Möckel. The two had met during their architecture study and had worked on various projects together. In late 2011 they quit their jobs and decided to jump right into mobile games development. Heads filled with ideas, but lacking all experience necessary to make a game, they spent the first year locking themselves in a room with several computers, books on C# and a Unity licence, learning and developing the first playable build of the puzzle game CLARC.
In October 2012 GoldenTricycle and the animation studio Hahn Film AG joined forces to created new structures for the development and enlargement of CLARC, finally enabling the game to become what was once intended.


Today, GoldenTricycle consists of 5 members working in their office in Berlin.

Felix Möckel: co-founder and graphics artist.
Matthias Titze: co-founder and programer.
Marco Werner: modeler and level assembler.
Hernan Rodriguez: modeler and 2d artist.
Emanuel Arndt: game designer and level designer.

Former full team members are:

Jens-Christian Seele: story writer
Maria Wohnig: 3d modeler
Jonathan Howe: musician
Matthias Voß: puzzle designer
Eduardo Ponz: co-founder and play tester
Philipp Tögel: sound designer


CLARC (formerly known as CLARK) has won the German Computer Games Award in the category “Best Mobile Game 2014″. It is the very first game thought up and developed by GoldenTricycle. CLARC is an action-loaded puzzle adventure, revolving around the nerdy maintenance robot Clarc, who is trying to save his Marsian nuclear missiles factory and his drunk robot friends from obliteration. While the main gameplay focusses on complex spatial puzzles, it also features acarde-style action in a vivid environment. Read more about CLARC.

Youtube Legal Info

We encourage you to capture let’s plays and review videos of CLARC and put them up on youtube and other video streaming sites. While the videos featuring such CLARC content may also be monetised through YouTube network and partner programs or similar programs by other video hosting sites, you can’t charge users to view or access your videos. You also can’t sell or license these videos to others for a payment of any kind.


CLARC Trailer (1:55)

OUYA Dev Diary (2:53)


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